How to combine data and remove duplicate point values

I’m very new to Grasshopper. I’m trying to create a distorted parametric grid, inspired by Igor’s 3D Grid Distortion work in this post on the old forum.

I’d like to control the Z-axis, point charge and tensor multiplier directly. Originally, I used a single Construct Point component and a single Point Charge component to provide more customization. However, I was unable to use a single multipler component to modify the tensor of each point.

As a result, I’ve separated the point and charge logic into three parts. This means I’m now getting the final data in triplicate, which isn’t optimal. One interpolated curve ran 51 times; the other ran 153 times.

How can I combine the duplicate point values before moving/translating the data, so I only keep the unique values? I’m sure there is a better and cleaner way to achieve this. (13.0 KB)

welcome to the grasshopper :slight_smile:

The 3 attractor points must affect the same points. You apply 3 attractor points to 3 different geometries and combine them. It’s like you’re actually merging 3 geometries together. Here you have to combine the attractor values and make it affect the initial points as a whole.

Right. No wonder it wasn’t working as I thought it would. As you say, the key is to affect the same points in the same geometry.

It seems there is no way to modify the tensor strength individually. But it looks like I can achieve the same outcome by modifying the Z position and charge for each attractor.

Thanks for your help!