How to combine all this?

Good afternoon everyone )

I made a surface.

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I want her to be solid, single. But it turned out to be divided into parts.

How to combine all this?

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How to make everything a single surface?

Make sure there are no gaps and then use the join component.

Sorry ? Where do I track gaps ?

Do you mean you ant this to be a surface and not a poly surface?

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I’m trying to make a parametric surface like this

The points that are being used for creating the arc aren’t along one of the world axes.
The bounding box use the World XY plane, so the surface inside the bounding box was rotated.
I’ve put the points in X-direction. Or you could have used a rotated XY plane for the bounding box.
There are no gaps between the (12.8 KB)

Yes but as a surface or polysurface? What you are doing now will make a polysurface.

Thanks a lot. To be honest, I would never have guessed before the orientation of the axes . And I think this task would be solved forever ))) (

I take a parametric fragment and make a common surface out of them . Perhaps we can call it a poly surface

Perhaps we can call it a poly surface

The image you showed looks like a surface. Not a polysurface. These are actually geometry types in Rhino so there is no perhaps. (12.2 KB)
you can create parametric panel by only one point entry

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Thank you for the nuances , I tried as best I could to illustrate my words with pictures , so that I could be clearly understood , thank you again for clarifying.

Thank you very much , I also like this version of the algorithm very much

if I correctly understood here two main points - the exact coincidence of one of the coordinates of these three points ?

The x-coördinate of your points were around x=5, so I rounded off the coördinates to an integer.
I did the same for the y and z coördinates of the points.
And created new points with these coordinates as the input for the arc.

Thank you, now I understand

I turned the grid 45 degrees and try to fit the same element on it, but nothing happens . Another pitfall that needs to be understood .

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