How to close out curve made from "Divide Curve"


I have an organic - shaped curve which has different points from the “Divide Curve”. These points has different Z values using the “Gene Pool” and connected to become supposedly a closed curve to be later on used for “Patch”

My question is how could I close out the curve - by connecting “Point 0” and “Point 9” - making it dynamic and seamless when I am changing the Z values.

Thank you.


It is really SO ANNOYING, and really very rude, that this must be repeated multiple times EVERY DAY!

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Try to provide “True” value to the “Periodic” input of Interpolatecomponent.

you sure it’s not you who’s being rude?

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Rude is in the eyes of the beholder. This situation has gone unresolved for at least five years. There needs to be a requirement to read and acknowledge that page before being allowed to post.

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if someone’s question doesn’t meet your standards of a properly asked question then just pass… it’s not your job to answer these questions…

i get it… you’re answering these GH questions because it’s fun for you… some people like the challenge of random questions/problems and like to be fastest or first or come up with the most clever solution…

but don’t lose sight of the bigger picture… these people aren’t asking questions to feed your hobby… they’re asking questions because they’re trying to fix something on their end.

you’re volunteering to help them even though you may not be aware of that… so if someone needs to be helped first in the realm of how to ask a clear question then be helpful there too… don’t be a dick to them— that’s not helpful…

if you’re so triggered by a question that doesn’t meet your standards then just pass until you come across a post that does live up to your idea of an acceptable question.


because seriously, if i were OP and the first encounter i had at a new forum was the one he experienced, i’d be like “wow, screw that place”


Fine with me. This would be a far better place without so many posts from inconsiderate people who don’t bother reading or searching the forum before asking their first question.

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It is a lost cause @Joseph_Oster.
I totally agree with you.
I’ve had so many posts deleted, threads locked. People just have a Knight complex. You cannot fight with them. At a certain point when they also, correctly, react like you. You can simply remind them.

Some, many, of them are asking the questions because they don’t want to work even a small bit on their own.

yep… especially the ‘do my homework for me’ types… you can take them out back and give them a spanking for all i care…

this post isn’t one of those however… OP did all the work and asked a clear enough question which was already answered by another member.

but hey, i said what i wanted to say… i don’t want to keep fighting or arguing you guys about it…

i understand similar stuff that i said to Joseph can be said back to me and my opinions… there’s a middle ground though and hopefully we can all move towards that a little more

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I’m over it by now, my ideology now is to match the help based on the information given.

-Question is only text, my response is only text (or I might just ignore it)
-Question is only screenshot, my response is only screenshot (if the problem isn’t too long to recreate, otherwise again, just a text response)
-If the question has a file, my response is a file


Thanks for all the great responses. Appreciated!