How to close an open polysurface

Hi friends, I would like to ask how to close the open polysurface?
I crease the upper mesh for shoes, first thing first I created the outer layer, and then copy paste, scale it down to create the inner layer. and then I use ‘Blend Surface’ to connect both the outer and inner layer together.
I thought it will become a close polysurface but turns out when I select the object, it still showing me ‘1 open polysurface added to selection’
Any help would be appreciated


run _ShowEdges

and then select “Naked Edges” from the menu.

if you click “zoom” view will zoom in on the edge(s) in the CL you can navigate from edge to edge

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Hi @dk2079 many thanks for your prompt reply. Problem solved now, thanks for your help bro…

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