How to clean uninstall then reinstall Rhino5 Windows 8 . There was a problem communicating with "_mcneel._zoo5"

There was a problem communicating with “_mcneel._zoo5”

Just tried to install Rhino5 for the first time on my Windows 8 laptop. I checked the box to use Zoo and downloaded Zoo5. When trying to run Rhino5, I get the above error message. I found a tutorial on how to delete the .lic file, but it was for Windows 7 and earlier. I cannot find a .lic file on my windows 8.

We don’t need to use Zoo for our small shop so I thought about uninstalling and then reinstalling without checking the zoo box; however, I do not even see how to do that.

Any suggestions?

You didn’t find the following folder on your computer?

C:\ProgramData\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\License Manager\Licenses.

I’m not in front of my Win8 install today but it should be similar to Win 7 AFAIK… If you do have that folder, the instructions are to delete all the files in it and reopen Rhino - it should then ask you to re-enter your license key…


Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place, but I don’t have that folder.

Under C:/Program Files/Rhinoceros 5

I have a 64 bit under Program Files or a 32 bit under Program Files (x86)

Within either of those folders, there are only 3 more folders:
Plug Ins (includes folders Import_Solidworks, IronPython, Sketchup, Toolbars, and many files - none .lic)
Profile Defaults (empty folder)
System (includes folders Languages, x64, x86, and many files - none .lic)

No, C:\Program Files... is not the same as C:\ProgramData\...
Program data is a hidden folder on most setups. To access it click in the search box (on win 8 just start typing at the start screen) %programdata%. That should get you to the ProgramData folder. Then find theMcNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\License Manager\Licenses folder and delete what’s inside it (leave the folder). then restart Rhino. Does that help?


Thank you, friend! The hidden folder is where I was missing it. I did a new search and checked the hidden folder box and found the ProgramData folder in my c drive. Deleted the license, reopened, entered key, and voila!!

Appreciate your assistance!