How to clean closed Polyline to remove tiny stripes

best practice to clean Polyline Curve,

I have sometimes after boolean operations shape with some unwanted parts with a thickness of my tolerance = 0.000001m, as you can see this long stripe
I am trying to find way to return only sensible shape so in this case, points 2,3,4 or 1,2,3,4,5 if other option not possible. Any help and guidance will be appreciated. (9.6 KB)

You can explode, then use Cull Duplicates on the list of points, then build a new polyline from these.

Polyline collapse works well here:

By the way, the stem of your arrow has two lines coincident with each other, that’s why there are more points than you’d expect. I separated these tow coincident lines out in the screenshot for you to see (14.7 KB)

thanks a lot
@DanielPiker @Joseph_Oster @Matt_Harwood
I tried but unfortunately it did not work.

This is not what I need, I want to get rid of silver polygons and keep the triangle, I guess some kind of split is needed…

Here is the 2nd example, again I just need the significant polygons.
So, the script now includes all of the options and solutions you suggested.
If some new ideas appear, please let me know! (26.3 KB)