How to check annealing solutions


(Sasson Rafailov) #1

Trying to run multiple simulations of the annealing solver on some data and am struggling to find the best solutions from previous tracks. Are they saved somewhere or do I have to stop the solver right before it moves on to the next one? Thank you!

(Lei Yang) #2

Hi Sasson,

I used to run Evolutionary Solver(GALAPAGOS & OCTOPUS) and also still in study of that field.
Here is a Brief about Annealing solutions from David Rutten:

you might have seen it.
anyway, just want to chip in this subject.

(Sasson Rafailov) #3

Thanks @Lei_Yang1. I found the paper while looking for answers to this question. It says the answer from previous runs is cached, but it doesn’t specify where or how to reinstate them. Any ideas on that front?