How to check a geometry(curve, rect, line) intersection with Block Instance?

I need to be able to check intersection between a geometry (could be a curve, rect, or line) with a Block Instance by script in Grasshopper. For example:
The fan on the image above is a Block Instance, and the box is simple Rect. For the image above, the result should be that the box doesn’t intersect with the fan.
However, since the fan is a Block Instance, I haven’t found a way to get the desired result. Using BoundingBox resulting the box is intersecting with the fan.
How can I check the correct intersection in Grasshopper?

you would need to deconstruct the block and use the geometry vs a Bounding box like you mentioned.

The new Clash component works really well (fast), but requires a brep/mesh. Using Pipe on a curve or box center on a point works well.

There are a number of strategies for getting collisions so you are going to have to tailor your script for your requirements – there isn’t a one solution for all.

I see. So no built in method to do that yet.
Okay, I’ll try them.
Thank you very much