How to change the way Rhino window resizes

All panels, viewports and tool boxes inside Rhino window resize in this way:
the user holds mouse left button clicked and by dragging s/he decides the new size. After releasing the mouse button the panel, viewport, etc gets resized to the new size.

On the contrary, the whole Rhino window resizes automatically in a different way:
the user holds mouse left button clicked and by dragging it the Rhino window automatically/dynamically gets resized to the current mouse position(without having to release the mouse button).

How could I make the Rhino window resize exactly like the panels, viewports, etc? I would like to make it resize after the user decides the new window dimension, i.e. after the user releases the mouse button.

That is a Windows setting:

Turn off Show window contents while dragging.

could I do this from SDK for Rhino Window only, while my plugin is running?

Is there a problem you’re trying to solve, what is that problem?

I am building a custom renderer based on the SampleRealTimeRenderer and when changing the rhino window size the display mode kills the previous renderer thread and starts again with the new size provided.This works perfectly in SampleRealTimeRenderer. Somehow in my case, if the user happens to resize the rhino window a bit fast the thread management fails. All info is here:

The rest of the tool boxes, panels, viewports, etc resize without any problem (because the new size event is sent upon mouse button release and the inside panels are not getting resized dynamically while the user drags the mouse).

If you have any tips or indication/suggestion it would be more than helpful.

Changing Windows settings from a plug-in doesn’t sound like something a user would appreciate - I certainly wouldn’t.

I’ll reply in the linked thread.

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