How to change the size of face?

Hi, I know that my question would simple but really I don’t have an answer for it , however, if I draw a box, how can I change one face only with written size "for example: 50mm X 30 mm " ?

Example: how can I change the selected face with specific size .

Rhino is not parametric. The box, once drawn, does not know how big it is, so there’s no way you can simply input new dimensions as you can in some other parametric programs. Therefore, you have two options:

  1. Draw the box the right size to begin using length/width/height number or coordinate input instead of drawing it randomly

  2. Once you have drawn the box, use something like BoxEdit to resize it.

I use Scale1D all the time to adjust boxes to size. It’s not exactly the same but it can be a very powerful workflow!
If you have some reference to the size you can use the MoveFace and MoveEdge commands, or even select them directly with ctrl+shift and use Move

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Scale1D is a go to command in most of my workflows :+1: