How to change the layer row colour

G’day rhinophiles,

Is there a way to change a row colour in the layer pane?


Sorry, no, there is no way to change the color of rows in the Layer panel. Why do you want to do this?

Too bad different themes cant be installed as in Blender :frowning:

What problem would this solve for you?
What’s the problem you’re trying to fix?

I guess its just a display preference, just my guess.

I remember this came up a while ago several times. I even did some mockup of the UI but can’t find/access the old text-based NG archive where I posted it. Obviously the idea is to have another level of organization in your file. It starts making sense when you deal with files with 100’s of layers and many sub-sub folders. I would also find that useful. Color as just a Layer panel display property. In similar fashion it would be good to be able to customize text-only button background color (



G’day @dale & @John_Brock,

It would be an easy way to identify important layers in a large layer list. I don’t consider that I use particularly long lists, but when many sub-layers are exposed there can be 30+ layers visible. It is another customisation that could be useful.


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This is one function that I need also.
For example, as an architecture student, I am realising all my 2D drawing and 3D modeling in one files. The project size is about 10ha and to be effective I had to make many layers and sublayers. For example, windows, frame, glass, door, wall, stair, etc…actually I don’t count but it seems that there are more than 200 layers for a files of 200mb. (it’s very important to classify elements by layer to be able to treat several parts of the project. if not the files is too heavy and late to manipulate even with a powerful PC)

sometimes, I need to uses a specific layer and I spend much time to find this. Because the names of layer are often similar and even the same, I needed an optional possibility to colorise several layers. For example, changing one layer’s background color when I want. Or change the font’s color or font size etc…it will really help to classify layers by importance…

One more idea.
Why not, make space of line between layer where I want. It will be much more intuitive to classify layers.

Also, in that case, we could be able at the layers filters to select “marked layer” of “select layer by background color” or “select checked layer” or “select important layer” etc…

I think that one of the strong points of Rhino comparing of Autocad is the possibility of arrange the layers with sublayers. But I think we can go more than this. I know that architecture students also uses more and more Rhino to make architectural projects and in that case, there are always much more layers. The function of changing layers panel will be very powerful for architecture students.

(sorry for my english that is not perfect, hope you understand)

This would be a great feature to consider. One of the things I use Rhino for is modeling houses I’m building. I wind up with dozens of layers so that I can inspect and display different aspects of the project to both my customers and to my superintendents. Being able to color code the text in the layers would allow me to quickly find and hide / display parts of the project (how the structural steel interacts with the framing for example.) This seems like it would be an easy add.

Hi -
I’ve added this thread to RH-43252 Color coding layer display