How to change the density of lattice structure?


I would like to make a cylindrical lattice structure with Diagrid lines. Moreover, this structure has three different domains where the density will change in each domain. However, in order to print this structure the closest nodes of each domain on the borderlines of these domains must be have the same position, in Cartesian coordinate system. So how can this be in Grasshopper? Please beware that you need to have the Plug-In “LunchBox” in order to use the Diagrid component.
Here is the Grasshoper file : lattice density (23.2 KB)

I am looking forward to some help, hints or advices in this matter. Many thanks in advance.

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Because their number of divisions is not the same, there will be strange seams in each area.

This is the way I came up with, looking forward to a more perfect response.
lattice density (35.8 KB)

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