How to change the default value of the rs.command in the python script

Hi everyone,
I used a script to generate a frame-like model. The basic procedure is ‘create a surface- extrude surface- flow the surface on a circle’. The script works well to generate the model. However, the model has naked edges which should be generated in the ‘flow’ command.
Here is my script of the rs.Command to apply the ‘Flow’ command.
rs.Command(" _Flow _SelID " + str(planarValve) + " _Enter " " _SelID " + str(refLine) + " _SelID " + str(arc) )
If I manually change the ‘stretch value’ to ‘yes’, I will get a perfect closed surface. So anyone knows how to do this in the script?
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Hi @zhaoxiao20071106,

since your script is basically a macro, you would need to insert the command option for Stretch inbetween. The option appears after the object(s) to flow where chosen. Eg. something like this:

rs.Command(" _Flow _SelID " + str(planarValve) + " _Enter _Stretch=_Yes _SelID " + str(refLine) + " _SelID " + str(arc) )


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Thanks, it worked.