How to change materiales from 3D stuff added from turbo squid or warehouse

HMI_Noguchi_Table.3dm (2.9 MB)

Your model is ‘block instances’. Use the Explode command and you can edit the individual meshes and their materials separately. The other option is to run the BlockEdit command and edit the material while editing the block itself.

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will try it now and let you know if it works! thanks!

I tried exploding the object and didn’t work, and after using block edit I pressed enter and it doesn’t do anything. Can you be more detailed in the description on how to use block edit on a 3d?

pick the object and explode it. don’t use the block editor.

for more info about the block editor or any command in rhino, run the command and hit f1 to bring up the help for that tool-

I explode it , the I moved the surfaces to another layer and tried to change materials there but ir only let me change the color not the texture.

This is a video of the process to change the material in Rhino 6 for Mac.

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Thanks It helped! I was able to do it!