How to change line thickness when exporting view?

Hi! I’ve never tried to export a view from rhino before but I tried to use View Capture to File to crop the view I wanted from my model and it only works for jpg/png type of file. But the result of png file is not as good as I thought it would be because of the line thickness. I also tried with saving PDF from the printing window, I see that PDF file is resulted slightly thinner line than png file but it’s still a bit thick for my project. I wonder if there’s a way I can change the thickness to thinner line when I export a view.

Hi :slight_smile: I can recommend the command “Make2d”. Here you can already select the lines you need in Rhino and join them together if they are not already. Then open it in Adobe Illustrator and adjust the outline thickness accordingly.

Thus you achieve the highest quality possible !

If you do View Capture to File you are going to get a raster image that is what you see on the screen (although you can change the resolution).

If you want to export to PDF you can control the line thickness either by layer or by object. To do it by layer, make sure the Print Width Column is visible. Use its dropdown to change the width as desired.

You can do the same by object on the object properties panel.

Thanks both of you! I thought that to change line thickness in illustrator but didn’t know how now I can try it! Also I’ll try to change line thickness in properties panel as well!