How to change degree of a curve in grasshopper?

I want to parameterically change degree of a curve. I was hoping to find a change degree component but I only see fit and rebuild components under Curve -> Util panel.

And to my surprise googling didn’t show up anything interesting.

So what I doing wrong?

I’m not sure there is a component for that. Why do you want to change the degree? And do you want to increase it or decrease it?

I want to increase the degree.

I have shape made on lines (degree 1) and I want to get more control points so I can further modify it but I want to maintain the original shape when I switch from degree 1 to 2.

It’s easy for lines, because rebuilding lines results in an accurate outcome. For other kinds of curve, you can use the attached C# script component. (9.7 KB)


Thanks David!

Hi Guys
I found this old one, so the search tool works well! I can give you a reason where it is helpful:

For the surface morph tool you need grade 3 curves - lower degree curves do not follow the surface correctly. So whenever you surface-morph lines and grade-3 curves you need this tool.

Thanks, Stefan.