How to change color ME "Selected Material"

I changed my UI colors to relive my eyes a little bit, but now I have problems to identify my selected material in the Material Editor (see attached pic…) I already tried to find the color in the options/colors menu and also in options / advanced, however I failed to find the appropriate settings.

the first material is selected (hard to see :wink: )

Can someone enlighten me?

maybe someone at McNeel can do a documentation with screenshot examples what the actual colors refer to, because IMHO the variable names in the advanced menu do not tell the average user exactly what they are used for…

Hallo ? anybody :pleading_face:

Hi Andreas - so the problem color is the selection highlighting? I do not see what color controls that so far… it may not be one of the options.


Yes, exactly the highlight that indicates the „active“ material …

You simply need to change this colour :innocent: . However, keep in mind that it will also change the colour of the active icon across the tool bars, too. The colour below this one is responsible for the gradient effect, so if you want a solid colour, you have to set the same colour for both rows.

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Thank you, that works!

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Nice to see that it helped. :slight_smile:

PS: It would be nice if “McNeel” uses different settings for the pressed icons and active layers, because the current implementation uses a single setting for both.

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Sorry to dig out this tread again, but I still have trouble customizing my preferred material editor view (tree view)
As you can see I was able to edit the color of the material that is selected by the user (orange/red gradient on pic 1)
However, this is only working as long as you do not click anywhere else outside of the material editor, if you do the selected material turns into a grey/light grey gradient which is very hard to visually identify (pic2)

Is there a way to set a color for this ? Why is it turning grey anyway, IMHO it should just stay orange (or whatever color the used chose)

Any help would be really appreciated.

P.S. When you opt for the list view (which I do not want to use btw…), the rectangle indicating the selected material stays on as well…

Mc Neel?