How to change branches?

How to change the paths of branches? (6.6 KB)

Plug the C output into the D input, the Panel with the desired paths into the R input, and the Param Viewer into the S input.

ps. You don’t have to use the Param Viewer for this, the Tree Statistics component also outputs the paths.

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Cool! Thank you very much! But I somehow do not understand the logic of Search masks. :slightly_frowning_face: Where can I read?

It’s pretty close to a regular text find/replace. When you perform a find/replace on this sentence for “e” -> “X”, you’d get:

WhXn you pXrform a find/rXplacX on this sXntXncX

Similarly, if you do a find/replace of {0} -> {5} on a tree, the {0} path will be replaced by the {5} path. Do note that if your replace list doesn’t sort the same way as your find list, the order of branches may be different after the replace operation.

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Uh, figured out :smiley: