How to change avatar image?

In the Settings page, there doesn’t appear to be a way to change the avatar image for the forum. I think this didn’t use to be the case. Is there something I missed?

I never asked that question, because I thought, dude, you cannot be that blind… And then I accidentally figured out it has to be done here:

Haha, ikr :slight_smile: Thanks!

I guess it has to propagate first… I changed it, but still have the old.

I think you need to log out of discourse, then log back in. This is not factual knowledge though… (:

Anecdotally, you are right :slight_smile:

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Maybe we could be bold, and state my guess now has empirical evidence…

It sounds like there are 2 data points for (3 if you count my second edit), and 0 against, so ship it!

It is necessary to change an avatar again… I have changed, I left the account - the avatar wasn’t updated. What to do?

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I need very to replace an avatar!

Did you try the link above? Go to Personal Info. - and logout + login to discourse.

Hmm, I just tried it, logged out and in both on that site, and also here, and the image didn’t change here.

maybe some cache hanging aroumd? I see you have some sort of shaded sphere now?

Hand-drawn, yeah.

I tried many ways - nothing works!
How to change me an avatar???

i exchanged it, on the login page it shows the new avatar instantaneously, but here not so i deleted it logged out and in several times deleted all caches but still its hanging in there.

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If you look now in another browser, is it still the old one?

yup in any browser and also ios, one tough BUGger i must say
@brian any idea?

In Chrome also…:pensive: