How to change all axis of lines to be the same?

Sorry I am a newbie and I just started.
The main goal i’m trying to achieve is to ensure the axis of all the lines are to be the same to create a rectangle sweep.

Please help!!

Thank you.

1.3dm (6.5 MB) (13 KB)

By axis of the lines, I assume you are referring to the planes?

The problem is that some planes happen to have different angles?

yes that is correct. The planes have variant axis. Is it possible to align all planes to a single axis?
Thank you for your reply!!

Can you please internalize data so I don’t have to install Anemone?
You want the planes to be facing the straight lines?

sorry what do you mean by internalize data?

I just need all the planes to be facing upwards.

Really appreciate your reply and help. Thank you.

There is a pinned topic on “How to ask effective question”.

info is there :slight_smile:

Why don’t you just use Curve Frames?

Thank you for the help.

I have internalized the data.

Basically, I’m trying to create rectangular frames but the planes have different axis.

image (11.5 KB) 1.3dm (6.6 MB)

thank you for your help. I am trying to create rectangular frames to sweep the lines

sorry if I was unclear with my question.

thank you.

Canvas%20at%2013%3B23%3B14 (11.5 KB)


I did not expect you to do the whole scripting out.

I will study it and learn from this.

Much thanks!!

You can also use this (8.1 KB)

Thank you!!!