How to call a Tabbed Dock bar?

Hi everyone,

I created a TabbetDockBar and configured it, but now I need to call this DockBar in other code in my project.

How can I do this?

What does this mean? What does the “other” code want to do with the tabbed dockbar dialog?

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Let me explain better…
I have a project in which I have a Dialog and a TabbetDockBar, the first, Dialog, called “StickLenght” in which it manipulates files and stores some measurements.
In the other, TabbetDockBar, it must present these measurements stored at the end of execution, being the last thing to be done.

Hi @Luciano_Luiz_da_Silv,

You might consider adding a data structure to your plug-in object - one that can be accessed by both dialogs.

– Dale