How to by with my credit card

Can’t find the link to o buy my upgrade for 7 on the website like I did with 6.
I’m from Brazil

There should be a “Buy Online” link on the McNeel/Rhino “Buy” page near the bottom. If not, McNeel Miami is responsible for the South America region, contact them directly (or one of the resellers in your region).

Don’t want to buy from a reseller, especially in Brazil

OK, well, if the link is not there on the Buy page, McNeel will take care of it. Probably not until Monday though. I can’t access that page to check, it’s only available to someone whose IP is in that region, and I’m in Europe.

And d’like to give you an advice:
Besides brazialian sites are terrible (couldn’t buy), they are “stealing” (that’s what I think) from McNell trying to sale licenses without invoice (by paying using obscures ways) and not declaring Brazilan’s taxes
Got really scared this morning as I used my credit card number
Please, rescue us

Before the release, there was a buy button for me, I’m from Brazil too,

but i Just looked it up and indeed there is no buy link anymore, only contact sales option.

Well, if you can really prove shady practices on the part of a reseller that directly concern license sales - such as paying for a license, not receiving it and getting no resolution from the reseller - I’m sure McNeel would like to know about it. As far as not declaring taxes to the state, that is more of a local law enforcement problem.

Well, one of two possibilities:

  1. They decided that buying directly via a link on the website was no longer a viable option, or,
  2. The web pages (which have just been redone for V7) are simply missing that link because of an error/omission.
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But I do agree, the selling platforms they use do not emit the taxes and “Cupom Fiscal” for us to check if they paid the taxes or not, knowing the country, they don’t

the store link is missing from the Latin America Page, using VPN I can see the link but can’t buy online anyway.

however, via the McNeel Miami Site I can find the prices and add to Cart without the VPN

McNeel Miami is listed as Latin America Reseller too, so I think there is no trouble buying from then.

Well…I erased the WhatsApp messages they’ve sent me and bloked those numbers not to obe bored again.
If the conversation stills somewhere else, well I don’t mind sending it to McNeel

The reseleler was:
Sao Paulo
Rede Brasileira de Fabricação Digital

Unfortunatelly Ii filled the fields with my data (wish I didn’t)

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It looks very legit.

That’s why I’ve chosen…until they make the others options by phone

Does Novedge sell to Brazil?

Sorry, I don’t know.

But buying direrctly from Rhino website is cheaper that from a reseller.

Novedge prices are slightly less than Rhino site, but I can’t tell if they have a Brazilian site.

Shouldn’t. As far as I know they are only authorized to sell in North America.

We buy our licenses from McNeel Miami. Have been using them for many years now. They have my credit card on file and when I need more licenses I just send them an email or text message and within minutes they send me the licenses. An invoice shows up in our inboxes soon after.

It’s fast, easy, trusting, reliable. I highly recommend them.


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Oi Gustavo
Cara, fiquei bem assustado hoje
Depois de tentar, sem sucesso, comprar pelo site, entrei em contato com os vendedores.
Os caras queriam me vender sem nota, pagando por depósito bancário!
Bah…achei que era pura treta

The Rhino 6 License I bought was from then

I Just looked it up and, despite having received the license, and paid via Paypal, they did not mark my order as completed on their website, and I never received the Nota Fiscal, as you said, so probably not paying taxes.

They also charged me extra for using Paypal instead of bank transfer.

But I did receive the license and it was from McNeel Electronic License Delivery.

Just to let you know, the online sales page for Latin America