How to build complex surface with different profile in different sides?

Hi there,

I got stuck with building a complex surface. Instead of rebuilding the surface has dense control points, do we have a better idea to build this surface smoothly? Please have look at the rhino file uploaded.

Appreciate very much if someone can help! Cheers!Site for help.3dm (1.5 MB)

Hello - I’d say that shape will either be made up of a number of simple® surfaces or a complex surface… what is wrong with the surface you have?


Hello, I have 4 curves with different profile in different sides. I tried loft but it did not work the way i want. I tried re-build the surface with dense control points but it was very hard to pull and push the control points since there are so many. Just wonder if you could have a look at the file? Thanks!

Hello - it depends how accurate or precise you need to be - you could for example, loft the four profile curves with the Rebuild option in Loft, at say 200 points - that might or might not be good enough…

If you need precise radii and fillets between the shapes, that will not do it - you’ll have to build it up from multiple surfaces as it seems like you’ve started.


Hi, I dont know why i have got something different from yours… Could you be more specific how to do this? The screenshot is what i got… lol

Hello - start Loft, then pick the curves, in order, at the top ends - does that look better?


Got it, thank you so much!