How to break up a curve grid and scale

Hi All

I have a curved grid here which is done in Rhino and I need to split them up into individual Polygons and then scale them down to produce panels (the scaled down Polys) and the frames (the original Polys)

Can anyone advise on how to break the grid to form individual Polys? I have tried the CRV/CRV but that only deals with 2 curves so its not a good choice here. Lunch Box would not help either as it would only give a straight line grid.

Thank you so much !

TakenochiCurved Grid.3dm (70.6 KB) Curve intesectionand (2.6 KB)

Something like this?

Curve intesectionand (17.1 KB)


No effort at all in your GH file? (17.9 KB) (18.3 KB)

Use Heteroptera Geometric Region


Hi Joesph

Thanks I had a few attempts as mentioned using Lunchbox, as attached but in vain. sorry I didnt post it earlier. curved grid (27.2 KB)
Many thanks!

Thank you so much Kim , thats the wanted result. I attach the attempt I did with Lunch Box earlier for reference. I later found that the grid had to be curved so I had to make it in Rhino.

I tried to make the curved grid in GH using Tween but no luck either because the Tweened willl fall short of the boundaries. Would you have any suggestions on this?

Thanks so much!

curved grid (27.2 KB)

Thanks Seghier, very elegant!

Pls find attached my attempt with Lucnbox earlier which didnt acheived what was required as the grid was curved.

curved grid (27.2 KB)

Too late now and I don’t have Lunchbox anyway. I thought you said you wanted “panels (the scaled down Polys)” and “frames (the original Polys)”. My “frames” (blue) are the difference between the original and the scaled down (or offset) “panels”.

Nothing in your file