How to blend two objects at an angle

I have a solid object that lays on the surface of my main solid object.

The object on top is .03" thick.

I want this top object to blend into the other object so that on the right end it isn’t raised up at all.

So in other words it would be tapered from .03 down to zero.

What I’ve been using up to this point is doing a 3d rotate to get one end down to the same level as the main solid object, but it’s kind of tricky because both objects are curved… so trying to find a center point on one end to do a rotation is kind of tricky… plus the fact that the ends are not strait.

I have attached the sample file.

Any suggested commands to use for blending these two objects together at an angle?


Example Part.3dm (214.0 KB)

Hello - see the attached file - I think what you want is Rotate3D with the axis set parallel to WorldY (line in place in the file) from the Quad point. The opposite Quad points are the rotation start and end.
You may want the axis at the lower edge and not the top one as I have it.

Example Part_PG.3dm (133.4 KB)
@kentdesautel - updated to a V5 file.



I think I follow your suggestion… ( I wasn’t able to open the file because I’m running Version 5.0 )

Thank You!


Thanks So Much Pascal…

That did the trick!

Thanks again for your help!