How to blend 2 pipes like this?

I am trying to blend these 2 pipes, I search on Internet but usually are blending 3 pipes, but I need to blend 1 straight and a arc pipe[blend 2 pipes. Any idea?

blend 2 pipes.3dm (167.7 KB)

Hello - something like the attached is one way-
The cyan curve is a BlendCrv between two extracted isocurves (White)
That is mirrored in both directions to get a closed loop (with the red curves)
Trim the pipe surfaces

Then BlendSrf with added shapes at all four quadrants. Iā€™d make the side of the blend that is on the curved pipe Tangent, G1, the other end, on the straight pipe can be Curvature , G2 or Tangent, as you think looks best.

blend 2 pipes_PG.3dm (102.8 KB)



something like this depending on what "radius"do you want, I guess


Thanks for the steps, I am now able to make it.

NetworkSrf seems good, I will try it. Thanks.