How to bend and then unroll, help needed?!

I really need some help!

  1. I want to pull/project/or? the hole-plate (blue) to the srf (red) as if it were a cut sheet of paper.
  2. then I want to offset the srf (red) with 2mm and transfer the holes to the new srf and then unroll it for laser-cutting.
    I should know how to do this but at the moment I am just stuck!!
    So any help would be appreciated
    Per HolePlate.3dm (766.9 KB)


Take a look here:
It is an old-ish wiki page, but I think it still applies.
Using Squish and SquishBack probably will get you going.

Hi Rodri
And thanks for reply!
But in the “limitations” of the squish command it says “Does not work great on developable surfaces” and this is highly developable srf I think?!

Please, does anyone have some idea to guide me?

Hi Per - I do not see anything red so far and all the blue objects are in the CPlane - I assume you are asking about the objects in front of the curved surface? In any case I am not sure what the goal is - rolling the object and unrolling it again… I am clearly in need of another coffee…
Maybe this is it: HolePlate_PG.3dm (258.8 KB)


Pascal, your are an angel!
Yes maybe I was also in need of a cup of coffe (and I dont drink coffe), but you understood exactly what I wanted!!
So, how did you do it? Been struggling all day and feeling quite stupid by now…

Hi Per - I used Bend on the original plate from the top view - Use Project on the Osnaps here to keep things in plane. Set the start of the bend axis on the mid point of the edge or the Quad of the arc in top. Set Symmetrical=Yes. Snap the end of the bend axis to the quad of the arc at the end of the plate. Snap the final bend to the end point of the curved surface’s arc edge. OffsetSrf the result, ExtractSrf the outer face (or use Solid=No on the OffsetSrf) and UnrollSrf.

Watch out: The round holes are distorted by this process - you may want to mark the centers with points and remove the holes, bend the points with the plate, Pull the bent points to the offset plate, unroll the points with the surface and then use the unrolled points to pop some holes of the correct size. Not sure what you need in the end, but just in case. HolePlate_PG2.3dm (282.9 KB)


Was trying to use bend in a numerous ways but could not get it to work with the crv in the front view but going to repeat you’re approach and see how it works… Many thanks! and hope for a great weekend for you!