How to bake output from Anemone for each loop

Hello, I am trying to have my Anemone looper bake each time it completes a cycle. Right now my code shows the preview in red of what I am trying to do in 3D, for each cycle and am confused about how to automate and bake the output per cycle. I know I am really close, but I feel like I am missing one simple piece here. Does anyone have any insights on how to do this? I tried using the context bake command as the output from the looper, with no luck. I am still in fact trying to make a shoe.

Anemone record data as list or tree , you can than use slider and bake or save one by one

@seghierkhaled ? I am trying to not have to manually right-click and bake anything. When I press true on my boolean is when I want to watch it bake multiple loop versions. So your saying to panelize the data output, use a list, and have the counter index through each piece of data in the list and bake each output? I guess the question is what is the node I send the data to have it bake automatically upon activation of the loop for each iteration?

Something like that, you need EleFront addon (16.5 KB)

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