How to avoid this warning?


I got a Rhino scene from my client and if I copy and paste for example a new created light than I get a long list of this warnings over a few seconds. Can I remove the missing link?


Hi Micha - I’m checking - looks like it’s trying to get the downloadable material library but I don’t see why off hand… is Rhino render the current renderer and does it make a difference if you change that ?


What version of Rhino are you using too? The ability to remove textures that aren’t found is easier now in the v7 Beta and you should see a pop up to deal with them when opening the file.

It’s Rhino 6 and I use V-Ray.

Can you provide a sample 3dm file that shows this message? I’m not sure if the textures being in Vray materials will be a factor or not here as well but having the same or similar file here will help me troubleshoot this for you.

Here an example file - also saving this file cause a lot of warnings.

Warning (119.7 KB)

Hi @Micha, If you run the command Purge and remove any unused materials, the error messages will go away.

Good to know. Unfortunately this command caused in the past that V-Ray materials get lost and I try to avoid it. But I suppose this is an other problem. Best I use the command if I get a fresh model from my client before I add my V-Ray setup.

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