How to avoid degnerate points and create a four sided surface between these two?

Hi, Rhino gurus how would I fill this gap with a four sided surface while avoiding the creation of degenerate points.
I am looking to achieve clean zebra stripes.

The person shows this with Solidworks “”.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Since the topology of a NURBS surface is 4 sides, and you only have two surface edges to work with, then you will either get two “singularities” (zero length edges), ot you will have to fit a trimmed surface.

Hi Bubba - in Rhino terms that is a Patch with some interior blend curves between the edges, but SW has much better control over the results in this case.


Hi, John thanks for the response. How can I fit a trimmed surface between those two curves, can you explain, I can’t match trimmed edge to other edges.

Thanks, Pascal I will see what I can achieve with Patch in Rhino. The Solidworks tool seemed real handy though.

So, I tried Patch and it does work. Thanks.