How to avoid curves crossed over after generated by kangaroo on a sphere surface

Hi, I have been researching how to apply Tara Donovan pattern on different surface from this thread Create such a this pattern in grasshopper , but currently I have experienced the problem that the curves are crossing over after generated by kangaroo. In addition, If there is any way to fill the polar of the sphere

here is the GH file based on Riccardo Majewskimaje90 (37.6 KB)

You can try this
Put the length goal slider to the length value of the segment [0.4?] then increase the slider slightly.

Hi @laurent_delrieu, thanks for you replay. I try a couple of times to increase the length value of the segment

and the length goal slider but it just keeps getting crossed over, I wonder if I need to divide those night curve separately to achieve the right amount of segment accordingly.

Not on my PC but did you put a correct radius on all sphere collide goals ?

Hi @laurent_delrieu would these number parameters be different on different pc laptop? In addition, how to know these correct radius on these sphere collide goals?