How to autorun the rhino script after 5 seconds after the start of the Rhinoceros?

How to autorun the rhino script after 5 seconds after the start of the Rhinoceros?

! _NoEcho _-Runscript (Rhino.AppearanceDisplay 2, True)


Have you tried putting it here:

I am interested in a timeout

See if you get any inspiration from this thread:

Do note that 5 seconds could be anything from when you hit the Rhino icon - loading plugins and such will play in.

You can add Rhino.Sleep(5000) to the start of the script - does that do it?


Thank you Paskal.
I add Rhino.Sleep(5000)

 ! _NoEcho _-Runscript
Rhino.AppearanceDisplay 2, True)

It works when Rhino works
But work not when rhino start. Rhino gives an errors “Unknown commads”

Command: _NoEcho
Subroutine to run ( List ):
Command: (Rhino.Sleep(5000)
Unknown command: (Rhino.Sleep(5000)
Command: Rhino.AppearanceDisplay
Unknown command: Rhino.AppearanceDisplay

This is necessary for the normal start plugin a “Matrix” with opened statusbar

Hi Leex - make a script file from your actualy RhinoScript text:

Rhino.AppearanceDisplay 2, True

Save it, and then in Rhino’s Options > Rhinoscript page, add this script to the list of scripts to load at startup. Does that do what you want?


If only it were so simple …
I did as you said and it works correctly in Rhino without plugins.
In general it’s what I need.

The matrix by another.
Matrix is waiting to load all the macros and scripts, and then activate his script for replaces interface and settings.

Any ideas?

Well, let’s see - make your script file look like this:

Rhino.AddAlias "Sleeper", "_-Runscript (Sleeper)"

Sub Sleeper()
Rhino.AppearanceDisplay 2, True
End Sub

Have it load at startup as before, then in Options > General, add Sleeper to the startup commands… ?


did as you said
Now I have a new command _Sleeper .

If put it in the:
Run these commands evrery time Rhino starts

But “sleeper” runs before than the matrix script