How to automatically repair surface or mesh and obtain the slc file?

TEST_0717_001.3dm (4.0 MB)

Hi Rhino Expert,
I have a 3dm file (see the attached file)-- both surface and triangle mesh.
I hope that use Rhino function quickly automatically generate the slc file (3d printing).

But this file has some defects:
1.The surface has some holes (the same as mesh)
2.The mesh could not guarantee point to point (not wateright).
3.If the the slice thickness for 3d printing is 0.3mm.

How to apply Rhino function to automatically obtain the slc file?

Hello - I’d start with Joining the surfaces - they do not all join cleanly - big gaps-



so may need to be re-modeled or at least retrimmed. Basically it is a terrible model, I’m afraid.

You could also work on the meshes - Join these, matchMeshEdge at .1 or so, then FillHole - use ShowEdges > Naked edges to locate holes to fill.