How to automatically erase existing connection while creating a new connection? Thank you

It was said that, “by default, a new connection will erase existing connections. Hold the SHIFT button while dragging connection wires to define multiple sources.”

However, even though I was not holding the Shift button, the existing connection still remains the same position. That means I need to manually “Ctrl + Drag” disconnect the previous connection every time, which is troublesome. I am using Rhino 6.5 and Grasshopper. Is there any solution to my situation? Thank you very much.

What happens when you draw a connection while holding Shift?

It is the same as not pressing Shift. The old connection is still here.

Thanks. I did. This problem has already haunted me for a long time.

Have you tried uninstalling all plugins?

Hi -

Not that this is likely to influence the behavior that you are describing but the current version is 6.33. There shouldn’t be any good reason to be running an outdated version.

At any rate, please provide a simple file that misbehaves on your system.

You are right. It is 6.33. After I upgraded it to 7.2.2, the problem no longer exists. Thank you for your advice.

After I upgraded it to clean new Rhino 7.2.2, the problem no longer exists. Thank you for your advice.