How to automate an existing plugin


I have an exciting question. How can I automate an existing plugin without being command line system in its workflow. For example VisualARQ can create Wall objects in its own UI (without command line access) and Walls contain components but I am not able to write a macro or short script to automate Wall component creation without command line. Is there any way to write macro for these type of plugin that use only own UI?

I’m not familiar with VisualARQ – there might be a better way, but if not, you can try an external program like AutoIt.

VisualARQ has a Grasshopper interface:

Hi Dale,

yes, it is already in consideration, however this is a exactly what I want to avoid :smile: I would like to use rhino command line for scripting.

The answer may be different depending on which plug-in you are using. Is this question specific to VisualARQ?

Hi Steve,

Yes, it is for VisualARQ. I have already asked them but no response yet, that’s why I asked here probably there is a general way to solve.

Basically, VisualARQ has an own UI for each component (Wall, Slab, Windows etc.) that handle their settings and predefined settings called styles. Unfortunately command line is not available when I specify its settings, or I do not know how to make it available.

If command line would be available this way I guess, script can be used that would create styles using an external source of CSV that includes the numbers for parameters of the setting of a style.