How to assign textures globally in model?

Hi all. Novice Rhino 6 user here. I have an old model created by another user. I need to do a high-res render, and everything is set up for me. The problem is that since the model was last rendered, all the textures have moved to another folder. They’re all in the folder, but rather than ungroup and select every item individually and reassign the filepath, is there a way to do this globally? The model has a LOT of textures and this would take me forever.

Thank you!

If you’re using the v6 WIP and the texture maps were not embedded in the 3dm when it was originally saved and the textures are not in the same directory (a sub folder works too), you should see this message when opening the file

Highlight the textures and then click the icon in the top right to browse to their current location.

Does that work for you?