How to assign material to 'paint' particular surfaces of an object?


I’ve got no experience of rendering. I want to start on my nurbs model in Rhino 5 with Neon.

I see on the Neon materials & environments tutorial video you can assign materials to whole objects easily.

But my question is, what about an object that is partly painted, and partly unpainted, metal?

In my case, it’s a casting, painted only on visible exterior surfaces.

What do I do to render that? If this needs a long answer, is there a good resource I can look up?

My guess is that I create separate ‘paint’ surfaces that partly skin the object. Or is there a better way?

(Andrew le Bihan) #2

The most simple answer is that you will have to create separate objects for things of different materials. You could split the object for example.


Ok, thanks.