How to assign make2d output to layers


Can someone explain to me how I can set the output of make2d lines to specific layers?

For example, I would like to send hidden lines to a pre-defined layer with dashed linetype in blue, outlines to another and silhouette to a third.

Many thanks,


Hi John- if you set up your file, or a template file with all the Make2d layers in place with the properties you want, then those existing layers will be respected -

Does that get at what you need?


Thanks Pascal, thats the kind of thing.

Is it possible to customise this output though? it would be great if a new layer wasn’t created when we run make2d, but rather the output was sent to predefined layers in our template.


seems to be what Helvetosaur is explaining in the thread below, but I can’t seem to get these commands to work!

wait! this is the box I’ve been looking for:

has this been removed in R6? please say no!


Hi John - I see, yes… that was for V5. I can certainly see that this, at least in the command line version of the command, would be a good thing.


Thanks Pascal,

Is there no way to access these settings in R6? Real shame if not…

Out of interest, why were so many features binned in the transition from 5-6? I’d assumed that R6 would build on R5.


@rajaa - do you recall what the thinking was here …? Were users (for the most part, not John11…) simply confused and did not make use of the layer control?


@pascal yes, it was confusing, hard to understand, and not useable by most.
@john11 You should still be able to do what you need in Rhino 6, if I understood your workflow right. If the layer, of say hidden curves, is already created after the first run of Make2D (or exist in the template), subsequent runs of Make2D will not create new layers, or change your layer setting, but rather use the same one. Make sure to set “object properties” option to “By output layer”.
Please let me know if that works for you.

Hi Rajaa,

Thanks for coming back to me.

Yes, this will work for me, just a shame that I can’t use my existing template:

By the way, can you tell me what ‘register with previous’ does if checked?

Seems like I can’t move the make2d layer in my layer tree, or rename any of the layers…

scratch that, yes I can!

Hi John - that allows you to make multiple Make2ds of a scene with different objects selected and have the new Make2d land in the right spot compared to the previous.


I’m glad you can use the Rhino 6 functionality. The layer structure for Make2D is simplified and I’m afraid you’ll need to adjust your template to reflect it, but hopefully without loss in functionality.

Register with previous is new feature and is explained here:
Let us know if you need further explanation.

Many thanks to you both.

register with previous sounds really handy!

Hopefully the output feature will be added back in one day.


@john11 Other than adjusting the template, which I understand is a bit of a hassle to set, I’d like to better understand what additional functionality your workflow needs that is not supported by Make2D in V6?

Well the main problem with make2D in R6 is that it is very unreliable for us, whilst we never had a problem in R5, but that’s in another thread!

Otherwise, Make2d is great.

We use it in conjunction with layout, and I think some more options in layout (so that it operated more like the layer tree) would make the functionality of Make2d much more useful. Again this is a request I’ve made in another thread.

small improvements to layout would be for example not having to right click, then ‘rename’ to rename a layout tab. why not slow double click like the layer tree to rename.

the dream would be to be able to stack tabs in a hierarchy, like the layer tree as our tabs often run to 50-60.



Would love to see examples.

Again, will be great if you can share detailed example your workflow, and have specifics about the functionality, and how it will help you.