How to Assign an MTL File to Another Object

Hi all, so I haven’t done much rendering and only use the basic renderer in V4, Please excuse my ignorance in this area.

I have copied some MTL files from some objects that I made with a pluging running on V5 trial version.

I wanted to apply the materiasl to other objects I have made in rhino V4. I was wondering if I could make use of the MTL files in any way to achieve this.

I also wanted to copy objects with the materials I made in V5 to V4 but the materials dont seem to copy?

Any advice or suggestions greatly apprieciated , thanks so much.

The MTL file created when saving an OBJ contains texture mapping / UV information but not the actual textures themselves if you were using any. The active plugin used for Rendering will also control the material definition used which will have specific terminology for the material (color, bump, reflection etc.) and other rendering plugins will likely not understand the material information fully. Since you used a plugin in v5 to make the materials, I would import your v4 objects into v5 and render there if possible. If the render plugin you used makes a version for v4 Rhino, you could go the other way and export your v5 object to a v4 3dm.

In short, think of rendering programs/plugins as having unique material definitions that need to be used with that rendering engine.

Thanks Brian,

The plugin was not a rendering engine but a jewel modeling program, and I wanted to use the colored gems it created in some models in V4.