How to Assign a Material to a Layer

How do I assign a material to a layer?

I found my own answer here. However, methinks that there is some bad behavior at work here.

The layers panel does not scroll. So, even if a particular column is set visible, that column may not show up.

I had to enable and disable columns until I got the materials to show up.

Also there is a problem that you cannot resize the last column. Even if there is room to fit, you can’t shrink the last column to allow something that is off the edge to show up.

Plus, ou are limited as to how wide you can make the panels.

I’m unable to repeat that here.
I have the Layer panel open in one of the Inspector panels.
When I drag the viewports over and encroach on the layer columns, a scrub bar appears on the bottom of the inspector panel and adjusts depending on the encroachment.

By chance is the bottom of your inspector panel positioned off the bottom edge of the display?

I can get the scroll bar if I manually adjust the size of the columns. I do not get the scroll bar if I make columns visible that go off teh edge.

What OSX version are you running?
At work on macOS Sierra, I can’t duplicate it.
Here at home on El Capitan, I don’t see the scrub bar until I touch a second finger to the touchpad on this old Macbook, but I do see the scrub bar


I fired up an old Yosemite image and I’m not seeing the missing scrub bar there either.
I don’t know what is different about your system that seems to be causing this.
I’m out of ideas.

Are you using a mouse or the trackpad?
If a mouse, which one?
There might be a simple gesture for this.

Sounds like I need to get out my rug, get on my knees and pray to the great god Steve more often.

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Sorry, I’m not following.
Steve isn’t involved in this development.

I think the best way to pan in the INspector panels is to swipe two fingers on the trackpad.