How to approach this surface matching?

Thanks to the help here I have been trying to clean up olde models as a learning experience. I created display mode that does not show tangent lines and I was able to get this part so show no lines where there is supposed to be tangency.

This is a volume of revolution where I have chopped off the end and added surfaces to the back.

The potential problem area I have is here:

When I try to fill this gap using Sweep2 or NetworkSrf, no matter what I have tried the edge to the right is not tangent (the bottom ones usually are).

If I I do matchsrf to multiple edges, I get a total mess because there appears to be no way to match differently by each edge (it appears to want to match all edges tangentially). I want three edges tangent end one edge non-tangent.

If I do matchsrf to the forward edge that is not coming out tangent, the tangent edge that was correctly tangent tangent pulls away.

The only potential solution I could arrive at was to chop a four-sided hole:

Then fill that.

I am wondering if I am missing something and there is some correct way to handle this.

it seems to me that you checked the box (automatic) in the matchesrf command
check the box (preserve isocurve direction)
I’m not sure I understand your problem, if so share your file to examine it