How to apply rolling surface onto facade

Hi everyone, I have been trying to apply my rolling shades onto a facade, but the plane changes when facade surface becomes a curve surface and it rotates the plane deforming my structure. Is there a way to fix it?

Ideal pattern:

current condition: (2.6 MB)
if you would like to open the script and help me find the solution, please connect the data to the copy trim in the group, and internalise the data, thank you very much

Like this? (2.6 MB)

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Yes, like this, but I need them to unroll by controlling a number slider as well so I changed your script a bit to adapt to my purpose, but there is one more problem that I don’t know how to fix. When I unroll them, due to the fact that the edges has different lengths and I generated a diamond inside each cylinder plane surface, but when I unroll them, it looks like this. which doesn’t makes sense in real world at all… May I ask you how to fix that? thank you so much (10.6 MB)

OK. Here we have another different solution using Bend Deform and Rectangle Mapping.
Beware it takes some time to calculate, so I use Data Dam here…

2020-06-17 Trim surface with surface ánd remain original (22.7 KB)


But in this case, its unlikely to manipulate the rolling degree to those oriented panellings

Use “Try this” slider.

You can also use this(Flow+Polar Array) as a base geometries for Rectangle Mapping.

Flow & Polar (16.7 KB)


Will do, Thank you very much !!