How to apply beam loads to a list of GSA elements


(Np Natalieprice) #1

How can beam loads be applied to a list of GSA elements?
It does not seem to be possible to define a text string like “1 to 4” or feed in the output of ggList.
Thank you


Hi Natalie,

Thanks for posting, see if the attached helps.

181111 gsa loaded (14.0 KB)

I’ve shown how to manually define a list, and then use that to apply loads to the nominated elements. Looks like my other list component (also included) could be improved with respect to the nominated list string.



(Np Natalieprice) #4

Hi Jon,

The generated text string from your example looks the same as when I fed a list in. The output looks different when elements are fed in directly - see second screenshot. When the elements are fed in directly the text string has recognizable components relating to load case, axis, direction and intensity.