How to apply any pattern for 3d printing in helmet

I did something similar on a face mask…
Face Mask

If you use the QuadReMesh or TriReMesh components to get a coarse mesh of your helmet, you can use the Symmetry input to keep the mesh symmetrical and then apply Weaverbird’s Stellate component to put a spike on each mesh face and smooth it… (9.7 KB)

Applied to your mesh… (407.7 KB)

You can vary the length of the spikes using attractor points… So the “D” input for the Weaverbird Stellate component can take one value for every mesh face and you can vary these as a function of distance from one or more attractor points so you can have larger spikes in the centre, for example.

You can also do something similar with @Dani_Abalde 's PhylloMachine tools but using surfaces instead of meshes.