How to animate number slider in VB script

Hello Dears,
I wanted to execute animate number slider in a VB script, how can I do that ?

eg. For y = 0 To 4

so that when a number slider (y) changes its value from 0 to 4, another slide is animated internally for each value in the y each time.

Thank you very much.

Does it have to be VB? You could probably achieve the same using two range components, cross reference matching, list item and a single slider.

Yep. If you set up a dependency from one slider to another, then presumably you don’t need two sliders, just one and use some of the components David mentions. Then you can right click the slider and animate that.

Otherwise, if you really need to access the slider, you can use the GH_NumberSlider class for that. If you don’t know how to code this, you can also use the MetaHopper plugin I think to control sliders: