How to alter Inch Fractional style 1to12 having made inch decimal 1to1?

Hi, V7
I have been altering all the eroneous V5 and V7 1:10 scale dim styles to 1:1 and associated entries such as text e.g SR inches dim hght 0.2inch had height entry 0.02 and I alter this now to 0.20 to give 0.2inch tall chars.

(as told to) …So that V5 using 0.2 inch tall chars opens in V7 with 0.2inch tall chars.

Now I come across dims style inch fractional, and its showing as 1:12 scale, in both V5 and V7.

Just what do I do, is that to be altered to 1:1.2 scale ?

This has got me stumped…

why was it 1:12…why when drawing a dimension ’ 1 1/8 ’ long would it need to be scale 1:12 ?

why a 12 at all, surely in 1:1 land, 1 1/8 is 1 1/8 inch long anyway.

totally baffled.

Being aware of the correction to V5 making them 1:1 scale, how do I correct this one ?

If in a project I have 0.2inch chars 1:1 scale dims style inch decimal and then draw beside them inch fractional 0.2 inch tall, they must have same height. thats what I need to happen.

so what should V7 inch fractional style be to achieve that, and what to do to V5 style prior to opening the project into V7, when I have been altering all V5 to MSS1.

head spinning…

and then I see that Foot Inch Architectural is showing in V5 and V7 as 96.0 1/8" = 1 ft OMG head has exploded !


Hi Steve,

Don’t get hung up on altering templates. Don’t get hung up on what happened in V5. Make your own templates with the values you want.

Don’t try and create loads of values straight off: create one dimension type and experiment with fonts and heights and scaling until you get what you want in model and layout space. Experiment with the settings so you know, for example, what ticking model scaling or layout scaling actually does. Only when you understand what you are working with should you consider expanding to other dimension types or annotation styles.

Hi, I have to overcome V5 opening into V7 with dims and arrow heads that are in effect non existent unless a microscope is used.
To that end I am following Pascals advice and to make the dims style 1:1.

I have now done that to all the styles in my current project and I am about to test for correct opening into V7.

This my committed route as per advice.

I then have to deal with the fact that that should work if V7 styles are also 1:1, and you pointed out I recall that V7 came with 1:1 dims styles. I also see such in a screen grab og another V7 poster on an unrelated topic.

This sees many hours expended. That I am inoperable in V7 after 6 months sees me keen to not undo what is done and add even more time onto 6 months.

I do know that styles need to be 1:1 in V5 as they open correctly in V7 if its SAME NAMED styles are 1:1
so elected to do the whole lot whilst at it, done, so too late to undo, but yes normally do one and see whats what. I am so keen to solve this and start using V7 after 6 months , I did the whole lot .

except inch fractional.

I need to see dims in v5 with style ’ inch decimal 0.1inch’ open into V7 with 0.1inch tall chars .
I need to also see dims in V5 with style ’ inch fractional 0.1inch’ also open as 0.1inch tall chars alongside the inch decimal dims.

I was just hoping someone could save me time by indicating what the style scale should be for inch fractional to achieve this. as 1:12 scale has thrown me, if 1:10 divide 10 is 1:1 and x10 all entries. then 1:12 divide 10 is 1:1.2, or should it just be 1:1 ?

and likewise what 96 should be . I think I will avoid ever using architectural, solves that one !