How to align the direction of curve to extrude taper

Hi all,
I have a question.
I want to extrude tapper for all curve in same direction , but some curve need to do flip to extrude tapper.
Is it possible let all curve make the same direction.
Thanks all.

Interesting. The curve direction only has an influence when the Solid option is on.

Anyway, you need to check the direction of the curve with the _Dir command either before running the _ExtrudeCurveTapered command or afterwards.

You can see the arrows on my screenshot. They’re a little pale but you see how one curve is counterclockwise, the other is clockwise.

To do it afterwards, enable history before running the command and change the direcction for the curves which result in the opposite taper.

PS: it’s a taper not a tapper.

Hi Martin,
Thank you for you reply.
I know I can use Solid option and history to solve the question.
I just curious if it is possible to flip the curve with grasshopper python.
I can use it and expend the grasshopper to do something.
Thank you so much