How to align geometries on icosahedron edges?

Hello everyone, I would like to know how I can make the cylinders align perpendicular to each edge, thank you

It seems you need to make sure the base plane of the cylinder uses the correct vector. For the plane to be a perpendicular frame you need to use the PerpFrame component. It will ask ask for the curve (edge) and a parameter (t). Then you probably need to rotate this plane so the cylinder ‘sticks out’ of the icosahedron. Alternatively, you can use BrepClosestPoint, so you get the normal vectors of the icosahedron on those edges you’re dividing, then get your plane, then form the cylinder. Anyway, you didn’t post your file.

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Muchas gracias, gracias a este foro no me rindo al intentar aprender Grasshopper :heart::colombia::earth_americas: