How to adjust terrain in Rhino like ''Stamp Tool'' does in Sketch-Up


I want to make flat a road on a terrain. It would be easier if I could use control points but the surface form makes it complex for me. If there is a better way to do it please let me know.

You can reach the work from the uploaded files. Red lines define where the road should be. The youtube link explains how stamp tool works in sketch-up.

SketchUp - How to use the Stamp Tool - YouTube (Starts explaining the tool in 2:00)

StampTool-For-Rhino.3dm (9.1 MB)


i believe the command Boss is doing what you need. just create a curve and it will either indent the surface or extrude it depending in which elevation it lays.

I tried it. I wonder if it’s possible to maintain the continuity of the slope. I mean if the road indents respectively to the slope, it will look more natural.


  1. Change existing road curves into one closed, planar, horizontal curve.
  2. Trim the terrain surface with the curve.
  3. Use PlanarSrf command to make flat road surface from the curve.
  4. Use MatchSrf command to move the edge of the terrain surface to the road surface.

The last (4) step may be tricky. If it does not work well, you may have to split the terrain surface into smaller surfaces.

I have made the step (1) and (3) before. As I understood, projecting the curve and splitting terrain will do the same. Problem is the road will have an extraordinary slope perpendicular to driving direction. Correct me if I am wrong I might have misunderstood.


I wish Boss command had an option to choose which elevation to extrude. It would be more useful.

I believe that you want to keep the road pavement close to the existing terrain. You can do it by moving the control points of the road curves in the vertical direction.