How to add properties to bake elements? c#

Current we can bake geometry like a point, surface etc… we can place it on the layer and set colour.
However, how do we fill Name? or can we add our own property? like NumberOfPeople, Temperature? etc to Object ?

Can you please provide some c# code example?

we would instert it here


Hi @michaldengusiak,

you can attach your attributes when you add your object to the doc eg:

guid = rhinoDoc.Objects.Add(geometryBase, attributes);



thanks a lot, it is working now… :slight_smile:

However, can we add our custom additional parameter names?
We would like to display ie. Volume or Temperature?
How can we add custom names to this display here?

Hi @michaldengusiak,

You cannot add your own entries to the Object Properties page, however you can attach custom UserStrings to the attributes of a RhinoObject. These are simple key value pairs which are displayed here instead:


To create your own user strings attached to attributes, you might look at this and this for strings attached to the geometry.

Note that a user can see and edit the values in above Gui if your strings are attached to the attributes of a RhinoObject. Also note that strings attached to the geometry are not visible in the Gui.


this is absolutely great!
everything implemented! THANKS …so Rhino became Revit :wink: geometry with data